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cibo salutare


Anche in presenza di patologie a tutte le età, per vegetariani e vegani, gravidanza, allattamento e svezzamento.

Citrus Fruits

Terapie Naturali

Fitoterapia, Micoterapia, Aromaterapia, Probiotici, Aminoacidi, Enzimi, Antiossidanti, Rimedi Emozionali.


Medicina Funzionale

Mineralogramma, funzionalità digestiva, ricerca parassiti, microbiota intestinale e vaginale.

Ritratto di una persona anziana


Each of us embodies Health and Disease in a way single. Each of my therapeutic interventions is centered on person.

Pasto Di Pasta

The diet

Each person it's different, the ideal diet must therefore be evaluated according to theindividual needs.


Medicine of the day before

In this case we speak of Salutogenesis. The Salutogenic approach is based on what allowskeep, recover or to increase la Salute. In the case of chronic disease the goal isimprove the quality of life as much as possible.

frutti tropicali

Nutrition and Natural Therapies
are essential tools for:


PREVENT the initiation and aggravation of pathological conditions.


SUPPORT the body's physiological balance.


CONTRAST the aging processes (Aging).


INTERVENING in confirmed pathological conditions, in support of medical therapies.

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