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I'm Virna, I turned to doctor Paolo Bianchini because for years I had been suffering from digestive difficulties, malabsorption problems, which had worsened in the last ten years due to severe respiratory allergies in the April-July period. He offered me a scientific but at the same time holistic and natural path, prescribing me a tailor-made diet while waiting for the results of a series of particular tests. The most significant test was certainly the microbiota analysis, completed by the EIT PLUS digestive function test and the hair mineralogram. The doctor was very good in reading the results of these tests and, above all, in explaining their meaning to me in clear and simple words. From here, I faced the therapy consisting of very valid phytotherapeutic supplements. At the end of the treatment I can say that I am happy with the results achieved: I am much better at the digestive level, I managed to increase my body weight by a few kilos, which has now stabilized, the blood values relating to white blood cells have improved. Thank you Doctor!

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I turned to Paolo to address a series of issues related to the intestinal microbiota. I visited his site and saw some of the posts on the internet, a good energy came to me and I wrote to him right away.

We made an appointment.

I had just returned from a series of somewhat constipated specialist visits, in which I was only the total number patient for the total day. Neither more nor less. Paolo, on the other hand, eliminated the formalities and dedicated a lot of time to me, everything he had available. Furthermore, he was always available for any request for clarification and gave me very useful advice.

Truly human and prepared: the warmth in the midst of the cold.

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I met Paolo by chance, looking for a nutritionist on the internet.
I read his story and felt inspired by his way of talking about everything that interested me.
I went to his studio and he immediately put me at ease, he gave me a very thorough consultation trying to understand what my real need was.
He recommended a food plan and supplements, supported by specific tests.
I'm losing weight without starving indeed! I feel more energized and have noticed improvements on several fronts.
Paolo is always available with advice, answers and immediate support.
I really recommend this experience and above all Paolo's knowledge, training, study and always desire to find out.
Thank you

Bambino in ospedale


Celiac child, testimony of the mother

When I 136bad5cf58d_showed your prescription to the pediatrician, she was annoyed, she said: "Forget it, you will spend a lot of money and you will not solve anything" well... after the second day of partial therapy (some vitamins are still in) we have noticed many improvements. You know what we've been through and the obstacles we've encountered... there would be many things to say but our eyes are already shining because it's only thanks to you that he's fine and is returning to being the same as always... thanks also for the support you gave me when I was starting to give in. Thank you very much.

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Graphic and Web Designer

I turned to Paolo following years of profound suffering for problems with my gastro-intestinal system that no one had been able to manage up to that point (in about 34 years) with the due method._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_Paolo's approach was (and is) professional first of all and manages to be also avant-garde, beyond the common knowledge proposed by medicine which refers to pharmacology and, more importantly for me, his method and broad vision allowed him to identify deep and apparently obscure problems that afflicted me, literally giving me back life and renewed confidence. Beyond all this, Paolo is humanly impeccable, sensitive and ethically impeccable.  Me, my partner and our little Allegra are and will be forever grateful to him.

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In the photo is my dad, Salvatore.
Any word of thanks would be very little compared to what this doctor has done; and the reason is that it "simply" saved his life, also giving him longevity.
I would also like to dwell on the human side of Dr. Bianchini and his infinite availability. Qualities from which everyone (insiders and not) should take an example.
Thanks again from both of you.
Savior and John.

Sorridente Donna Medio Evo



Hi Paul,

I met you a few years ago by participating in a conference where you were a speaker. After your intervention I felt like giving you my greetings, getting to know you and shortly after contacting you for my first consultation ... what can I say, improving my state of health in the process from then until today I have continued to rely on you and, thinking about the day I met you, I think it was truly an important day because in you I found professionalism, knowledge, scrupulosity, attention in seeking the best way forward with your skills, because you are an excellent researcher… I immediately felt in good hands.

As a person seeking his own healing and with your help, I started from nutrition, to then learn about other therapies, to use the microbiota test, and today I can only be happy with the improvements achieved in the past and also recently.

So my gratitude, trust and esteem go to you because in addition to all this, I recognize in you the precious ability to care through your human side, availability, empathy, kindness, sensitivity, ability to listen with patience.

So, thanks again for your special care, all this together also increases my self-confidence, trying not to break down in situations of greater difficulty and increases the desire to get to know me better , to take better care of myself with a view to prevention and a healthy lifestyle.

Needless to say, but I say it anyway, that I continue and that I will continue to address you.

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Inside Sales Account Manager in Dublin

"I am 29 years old and chose Paolo in 2015 to have him follow the decision made 2 years earlier to undertake a vegan diet.

His advice  was really important: following a do-it-yourself diet I realized that I wasn't taking the right amount and that I wasn't exploiting all my potential to be able to have satisfactory results.

Thanks to all her precious advice and tricks I managed to solve various problems such as: gastroesophageal reflux, high cholesterol high, hair loss, fatigue and drowsiness during the day.

His consultancy was extended online when I decided to move abroad updating Paolo with the results of the analyzes I was doing.

He is a very professional and meticulous person in assessing the situation.

Even today, I continue to share with him the results I'm getting and together evaluate possible changes to the current food style."

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Family testimony

We are a Brescian family. We decided to consult a Nutrition Expert for two reasons: 1) our two children (born in 2009 and 2011) are both allergic to dust and in the last year, despite all conventional precautions,  they had taken the antibiotic plus various cortisone therapies at least 5 times. Things were getting worse and it was necessary to act on another front. 2) The need arose to create a "healthy diet" for the whole family.  

Thanks to a friend we had the contact of Doctor Paolo. We did the visit and then, for the children, the Microbiota test. Doctor Paolo therefore prescribed a personalized diet by eliminating some foods. He also advised us to take lactic ferments for three months and supplements. After the 3 months we decided to continue because we all felt much better and the children had never been ill. Now after almost 10 months we can testify that our children no longer needed to take antibiotics and cortisone. It seemed like a miracle. A whole winter and spring (including the pandemic) without a hint of respiratory discomfort. We want to thank Doctor Paolo from the bottom up who with his advice proved to be crucial regarding the health of our children and the whole family!

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We are walking together in a path of care, but also of trust, esteem and I must also say friendship. I will never forget the day I met you on my "journey" in 2013....desperate and hopeless...with the world collapsed and reduced to a rag due to being in constant pain.I can only say thank you. ..Thanks to you... to your professionalism, passion, determination, perseverance, patience... and with me you have had so much...You are great...A great man and professional who does his job because he loves him and he loves his patients...Thank you!

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Hello Dr. Bianchini,

Three months after the start of the diet undertaken with you, I feel like saying THANK YOU for the way you are treating me!! I'm in good health, I feel more serene. You are the only one who suggested that I do intestinal microbiota tests, which resulted in a strong inflammation that you are treating me.

In addition to being in good health, I am happy to have lost 13 chili in just three months, I have almost found the Laura I once was.

I congratulate you so much for being a great professional with great professionalism, a unique kindness, always very helpful and also very nice. Thank you with all my heart.

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It is my desire to write to you in public, here on your bulletin board, to say THANK YOU Doc! I've been your patient for not even a year and, after more than 8 years of chronic fever that literally drove me crazy, nervous and always made me tired, dejected and in pain, I'm HEALED! I finally had a diagnosis and progress was rapid and immediate, traditional medicine was not able to give me answers and much less cures, but we hit the spot with natural remedies! I feel like me again... and my partner noticed it too... the other night, while we were watching TV hugging each other, he said to me: "How nice... I touch your face and finally you don't burn ...indeed, you're fresh"!

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I publicly write a few lines on the profile of the person who has changed my life in an incredible way for 9 months, without praise or too much fuss I will limit myself to telling what Paolo has done for me. We met for the first time during a home visit, I listed all my health problems, my difficulties and my condition at the time: mother for 16 months, a few kilos to lose, gastritis, hiatal hernia in therapy for years with pump inhibitors dei quali by now I couldn't do without, asthma treated with cortisone and ventolin, some other little problem .... I was highly skeptical but a colleague had convinced me to contact Paolo and so I decided to try. Without dwelling too much on what happened in 9 months, I just want to talk about the result I got today: vegetarian for months with 18 kg less, pump inhibitors suspended for some time, goodbye cortisone, blood tests without asterisks, maximum vitality , desire to do, try, experiment at the top!!!! I just feel like saying THANK YOU to this man who understood what I needed at that moment and who makes me feel proud of myself today!!!! For me Paolo you are a professional, a capable person and now also a friend!!!! Me, my partner and my daughter have finally understood what it means to eat healthy and above all how much this can affect our health!! Sorry if I wrote too much but I hope my testimony can be a starting point for anyone who will read it!!!! I hug you!!!!!

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Dear Dr. Paolo, I am writing to update you on my health situation, after about a month of punctually following the vegan gluten-free diet and the therapy you prescribed. My health conditions have visibly improved, my tiredness and irritability remain the same and above all my intestines and sleep have become regular. I feel like another person it's been a long time since I felt this feeling. Now I'm waiting with curiosity to redo the analyzes to see if those values, which you know, will be improved. For now, all I have to do is say a big THANK YOU both for how I feel and because you are a professional of the past, always available and punctual to every need of your patients. I will contact you soon to get advice for my husband and children as well.

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After 9 years as a vegetarian, I have decided to make a very important choice: to switch to a completely vegan diet. I owe this change, which is truly significant to me, to Dr. Bianchini, whom I met at a meeting on vegan nutrition. I've been vegan for a month now and.. Well! What was there to expect but perfect health? A balanced and suitable diet for me, the possibility of always asking for information and advice.
I'm a student, I spend the whole day at the university, I wake up at 6 in the morning and I go home at 7.30 in the evening, and I'm fine! I can follow the lessons and study calmly, without difficulty. I don't have any kind of health problem or lack of energy. You live better, not only from a physical point of view, my choice was guided by ethics, and a clear conscience helps to make life more serene and positive.
What else to say except thank you Dr. Bianchini for following me and for making the best alternative known!

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Hi Paolo, I am writing to thank you for having followed me on my initial journey, thanks for all the advice you have given me especially with regard to sport. Playing Rugby, many were hesitant about the fact that without eating meat I would have been able to continue, but the results speak for themselves. From an athletic point of view I have improved a lot, partly thanks to the diet that made me lose 12 kg, partly thanks to the correct diet you told me to do and partly thanks to the intense training. By eating the right things at the right times I can get more out of my body!!! I can safely say that I am part of the huge vegan sports category!!! I am truly happy and proud of myself… I will never stop thanking you. The next goal that I will realize I will dedicate to you!!! Thanks again!!!! 

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