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Nutrizionista Bergamo


Assistant manager

I came to the detox program at a time in my life when I was at an impasse from a food/intestinal point of view… what can I eat? Why don't I eat the things that make me sick and still feel sick? This detox was a challenge, a physical and organizational commitment, but, all in all, it was less difficult than expected. It has also allowed me to switch off not only from the anxiety of food allowed and not, but also from work and everything else. The semi-fasting only made itself felt on the first day, then everything was easily bearable. At the end of the program I can say that there was both a physical and psychological sensation of restarting. Now the path is downhill. Thank you Doctor!

Nutrizionista Bergamo



Hi Paul,
I lived my DETOX experience as truly MIRACULOUS!!!

I started the program on Saturday as planned with the purge - I honestly thought it was worse. Then I "ate" only extracts and drank the draining for liver and kidneys every day, so much so that I felt the urge to urinate about every 20 minutes.
On Monday my husband told me that my color had returned. Intestinal and stomach pain and heaviness in the stomach are practically gone, especially the heaviness in the stomach. My tongue has turned completely white and I have grown up teenage pimples….(luckily you reassured me)!
On Tuesday I felt a little weak but very happy to have no more no pain or swelling in my stomach. In the evening I was a little hungry but super controllable (it's not like me, usually if I don't eat sweets I get angry).
On Wednesday I started the "food recovery" with the terror of returning to stomach pains and instead nothing. I had a great time, no pain, no swelling.
I continued with my food recovery up to and including Saturday and I must say that, apart from a little gluttony, because I can't define it as hunger, I haven't had any moments of discomfort.
Every now and then a little tired but very little… most of the time I actually felt full. Lighter legs, clearer mind and last but not least I lost 3.6kg.
Sunday I resumed eating normally. No problems at the moment. I'm so happy!
Proud of me for not giving up and for choosing you as a doctor!!!! Practically reborn in just 8 days.

Thanks again!!!!

Nutrizionista Bergamo


Insurance consultant

By chance, I get in touch with Dr. Paolo Bianchini. 

I see his live broadcast and the following day, a little skeptical, I decide to send an email for a contact.....

Huge surprise, after a few hours the phone rings... it was Dr. Bianchini.

From the first interview I understood that this time it would be different.

We decide to embark on the Detox program, after three days my belly was finally no longer a balloon, the feeling of tiredness disappeared along with the headache.

What can I say.... 

Prepared professional, available and always together with the patient both from a nutritional and psychological point of view.


Nutrizionista Bergamo



Goodmorning doctor! Today is the last day of the DETOX journey, I passed this new journey brilliantly. I feel very good, serene, light and my body gives me well-being; no headaches, tiredness or other symptoms related to heaviness. There was also the gratification of having lost another three kilos in addition to the 19 lost from May 21st of this year (date of the start of the diet with LEI) until November 21st, therefore in soli 6 months. La thank you infinitely for your continuous commitment, with your great professionalism and dedication you help me every day in restoring my good health, which was no longer so good in recent years ... THANK YOU!

Nutrizionista Bergamo


Second DETOX

Good morning Dr. Paul!  
And even the second DETOX program I managed to finish it peacefully and with brilliant results! Not only because I had already done it so I knew what I was getting into but also thanks to your  availability continues as always. 
I feel in great shape,  light,  sgonfia,  more agile and alert; moreover, I still lost about 2 kilos after having already lost 22 since May 2019 and it is really a lot and I am happy about it. 
Once again you have given me confirmation of your outstanding professionalism, you deserve all my trust.
Thank you .

Nutrizionista Bergamo



I'm really glad I followed this detox program. At first it was a bit difficult to change my eating habits but despite this I didn't lack energy, on the contrary, I had more desire to do than usual.

It was a pleasant physical and mental surprise and I will definitely do it again, as advised by Dr. Bianchini.

Paolo is also a sincere professional and really cares about the health of his patients, a not indifferent element to accompany someone towards recovery.

Thanks Doc!

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