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Cleanse deeply

and return to your 100%!

Emuntorial drainage

Let's start with the purification of the physiological emunctories: intestine, liver, kidneys and skin.

Intestinal rest

A short period of only vegetable extracts to quench the inflammation.

Food recovery

A program specially designed for the gradual recovery of intestinal function.

Back to normal

Return to your daily life with renewed vigor and with a new awareness!

Detox: when?

For prevention and for preparing the body for all therapies.

  • In spring and autumn, to help the body adapt to the change of season.

  • In case of numerous food intolerances, to reset the intestine and the immune system.

  • At the beginning of a slimming diet, to promote correct weight loss and the disposal of toxins from adipose tissue.

  • To prepare you for chemotherapy or radiotherapy and to dispose of toxins after the treatment program is finished.

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