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Prevention is your conscious behavior.

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Specialized in the management of 


Pregnancy, breastfeeding and weaning


Hair mineralogram


Dr Paolo Bianchini

I introduce myself

Dr. Paolo Bianchini

My activity as a Nutritionist is based on listening empathetically to the problems that the Person brings to my attention.

My daily challenge is to change the established habits  which are at the root of your problems.
I like to call my intervention "the medicine of the day before", because I am deeply convinced that this is really prevention. I use all the most important natural therapies, in particular:

  • Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy.Through the scientifically validated use of plants and essential oils it is possible to restore the homeostatic balance of the body, favoring the body's self-healing process.

  • Bacterial therapies.The correct composition of the intestinal bacterial flora is essential in achieving and maintaining a true state of health, contributing to weight loss, the functioning of the immune system and improving mood. The latest international research underlines the importance of balancing the bacterial flora not only in the intestine, but also in the skin, vagina and mouth.

  • Mycotherapy.The use of medicinal mushrooms is of fundamental help in the management of allergic, tumoral and autoimmune pathologies. Mushrooms possess, in fact, the property of effectively modulating the immune system. They also contribute to the management of all metabolic diseases and are powerful antioxidants. 

  • Flower therapy.The flowers, by Bach and beyond, are wonderful vibrational remedies capable of re-establishing the connection with our Higher Self, contributing to our personal evolution and growth.

  • Detoxification. When it is necessary to carry out aggressive therapies it is necessary to support the detoxifying capacity of the organism. This causes the body to react better to the therapy, making it more successful in the healing process. Supporting the detoxification process means supporting Health and Life.

  • Complementary Enzyme Therapy (TEC).Enzymes make our metabolism possible and are the real "workers" of the cell. This new approach amplifies the already great therapeutic power of enzymes.

It is also possible to take advantage of very powerful Functional Medicine tests:

  • Hair mineralogram.It is a simple and reliable test which, through the analysis of the chemical composition of the hair, is able to tell us a lot about our internal balance.

  • EcoIntestinal Test Plus (EIT-Plus).It is the complete faecal analysis that allows, combined with the urinary one, to evaluate almost all the clinical conditions inherent in the entire gastro-hepato-digestive system. It includes the urine test for intestinal permeability and the indicane test as an index of dysbiosis.

  • Gut Screening (Valsambro Laboratory). The best test for assessing the presence of intestinal parasites. The report also suggests a therapy based on essential oils, exploiting their antibiotic power. Thus, true holistic advice is offered.

  • Intestinal and vaginal microbiota test. It allows to evaluate, through the most modern techniques of molecular biology, the qualitative-quantitative composition of the intestinal and vaginal myrobiota, very important protagonists of our Health.

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